Medieval II Total War : Kingdoms : Crusades

Medieval II Total War : Kingdoms : Crusades 1.05

One of the most famous conflicts in history, now available for Medieval II

In the middle ages, the Crusades, one of the most important conflicts in the world, took place. Creative Assembly, the creators of the Total War series, now brings us this expansion pack for Medieval II, the Crusades Campaign. Set in 1174, before the Third Crusade, the game puts you in control of 5 different factions aimed to control the Crusader Kingdoms.
The expansion pack adds new features to the game, besides having a larger battle field for the crusades and more factions. The new factions of the game are: The Kingdom of Jerusalem, Seljuk Empire, Principality of Antioch, Ayyubid Egypt , Byzantium, The Mongols and The Republic of Venice.
There are other features such as Generals being able to build a fort that will remain in the battle ground even after the army leaves, and also the Heroes features. Each faction has a hero character that have special abilities that can turn a battle around.
With all the power of the Total War engine behind it, this expansion pack is something you need to have in your title shelf.

Ismael Mireles
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